About Me

Charlie Monson

The Global Business Connector
Charlie Monson, also known as “The Godfather of Networking”, has been an entrepreneur for the past 20 years. Charlie has been connecting great businessmen/women and their businesses together, and therein, building a broad international network of successful individuals and companies. “The Connector” has over 40 years of experience of multi-discipline and industry knowledge from Engineering, Education, Textile, Clothing, Commercial and Businesses and Sales just to name a few.

The Global Connector, connects World Class Business People and Businesses, Investors, Buyers, Sellers, Real Estate and various Projects to add value to each made.
The Connector has a team of Authoritative advisors in all of the above sectors who work very closely with him on every deal, advising on the facilitation and connections made between suitable parties. The Connector ensures that he delivers the best value to all parties that he connects together.

Charlie identified his connecting skills and ability when he started a business manufacturing and selling Rubber Stamps. By doing cold sales he came into contact with many different types of businesses, and created a network of services which he could refer other businesses to, where and when needed.
As time passed he combined his “people person” personality with networking and developing relationships. This allowed him to grow a network of top industry leaders globally in the following countries Sweden, Norway, China, Japan, Egypt, United States of America, Belgium, Germany, United Kingdom, to name but a few.

Charlie is often quoted as saying: “People often say I have a gift for connecting people, however I do not see it that way. People waste so much time searching for the right business partner, investment or project but fail to understand the most basic premise of what they looking for in such a partner, investment or project. This is where I come in. Not only do I help you find the suitable partner, investment or project for you, but I put you in touch with the right people to make such a partnership deal or project work. Many people can give you contact information but very few people can help you build up a relationship to make a partnership deal or project come together. That is how I empower people within my network”

“Charlie is probably one of the best at connecting and is one of our most influential students. He knows everybody and every-thing. When I first met him, he was just a guy and now he is the guy that everyone looks up to, problem solving, business exploding, hiring people and very, very well connected” - JT Foxx

Who I Am

“The Connector” / #CharliesAngels
I was born in Sophiatown ( JHB) and later moved to Westbury (JHB) at the age of two.
Growing up in the dusty streets of what was the known as Western Coloured Township was not easy, it being a sub-economic community riddled with gangsterism, drugs and poverty.

What shaped me as a person was a different mind-set and not allowing myself to be drawn into the mentality of the township. Yes it was very difficult being different from everybody else and the name calling and hatred was overwhelming. I did not let this bother me.

I later started Ice Skating which made matters worse, as that was viewed as being a Cinderella sport meant for whites only. I Achieved National Colours in 1981 as one of the first persons of colour to attain Springbok Colours and went on to being a member on the council of the South African Speed Skating Association, The Development Officer, Assistant Coach to The National Team, a Member of the Technical Committee, as well as a Member of the Executive Committee.

Later on I started my own business and had many failures as well as being cheated out of some business.

Meeting JT Foxx was the day I had an even bigger mind-set change when it came to understanding business and how to conduct oneself in business. I was introduced to how important Branding,

Marketing, Building Relationship Capital and Coaching is in any business. Through coaching I have been able to grow by leaps and bounds and have created two Brands one consciously and the other unconsciously through the conscious one. “The Connector” and #CharliesAngels

With my people’s person personality and a passion to meet new people and create good relationships, I started networking and developed a global network of entrepreneurs in a wide range of fields from property, business consulting, coaching, investments, projects, development etc

My passion to help people resulted in me connecting these business people who have synergy hence me being known as “The Connector”


What my connections say about me

“Charlie is probably one of the best at connecting and is one of our most influential students. He knows everybody and every-thing. When I first met him, he was just a guy and now he is the guy that everyone looks up to, problem solving, business exploding, hiring people and very, very well connected”

JT Foxx

Worlds #1 Wealth Coach

The reason why I have such great respect for you, simply because of the way you value and persue your relationships with people. Have a great day!

Carmelita Kaylen Barns

Carmelita Kaylen Barns

Business Owner

Charlie Monson, A true master- connector, a humble gentleman understanding and preaching the core elements of networking & relationship capital. Always adding value and going the extra mile. The man to go to.

Derek Barber

Founder J-Biz Lounge

He Connects, Teaches, Inspires, and he is a Networking King of South Africa.

Ire Edwards

London, UK

Charlie is the man who you can count on for his wisdom, directness & caring to help others achieve higher goals.

Puneet Dhamija

Curator L. Ron Hubbard Museum

Never underestimate what doors Kindness can open. I’ve been privileged enough to have met Mr Charlie “The Connector”
Talk about someone who’s very humble and treats all ages with nothing but ultimate respect. I aspire to be a human being of such character.

Beth Malatji

Editor Wealth Ladder Magazine | Entrepreneur | Speaker

Charlie is a very active, influential and resourceful person. He is very generous and a connector of people. His networking skills are quite phenomenal. He is someone that people enjoy to have around because he makes people feel confident and calm. He is very inspirational and is a man of character. This is definitely the man the world needs to be a better place. He was born to connect and really influence people, Go Charlie Go!!!

Veli Ndaba

Speaker | Author | Transformational Coach

Charlie is the first businessman I have met who really takes an interest and adds value to your life first.

Aku Grant

Young Entrepreneur | Forex Trader